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New Book on Amazonian Spanish is ready!

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Amazonian Spanish: Language Contact and Evolution explores the unique origins, linguistic features, and geo-political situation of the Spanish that has emerged in the Amazon. While this region boasts much linguistic diversity, many of the indigenous languages found within its limits are now being replaced by Spanish. This situation of language expansion, contact, and bilingualism is reshaping the sociolinguistic landscape of the Amazon by creating a number of Spanish varieties with innovative linguistic features that require closer scholarly attention. The current book documents this situation in detail. The chapters in this volume include work on distinct geographical regions of the Amazon, with primary data collected using different methodologies and language contact situations. The scholars in this volume specialize in an array of fields, including anthropological linguistics, bilingualism, language contact, dialectology, and language acquisition. Their work represents both formal and functional approaches to linguistics. 

  • Introduction. Spanish in the Amazon region: Some preliminaries on its status and geographical extension (Stephen Fafulas)
  • Chapter 1. Language loss and language gain in Amazonia: On newly emergent varieties of a national language (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
  • Chapter 2. Bilingualism, second language acquisition, and language contact: Contrasts and shared processes (Kimberly L. Geeslin and Travis Evans-Sago)
  • Chapter 3. Origins and dialectology studies of Spanish in America (Manuel Díaz-Campos and Ángel Milla-Muñoz)
  • Chapter 4. Language documentation and revitalization as a feedback loop (Colleen M. Fitzgerald)
  • Chapter 5. Amazonian Spanish and the emergence and maintenance of ethnolinguistic variation (Scott Lamanna)
  • Chapter 6. Clitics and argument marking in Shipibo- Spanish and Ashéninka-Perené-Spanish bilingual speech (Liliana Sánchez and Elisabeth Mayer)
  • Chapter 7. Emerging ethnolinguistic varieties in the Amazon: The case of Yagua Spanish (Stephen Fafulas and Ricard Viñas-de-Puig)
  • Chapter 8. Interrogative intonation in monolingual Amazonian Spanish: The case of Spanish spoken in the cities of Pucallpa and Iquitos (Jose Alberto Elias-Ulloa)
  • Chapter 9. Phonological processes in flux: Variation in palatal lateral production in the Ecuadorian Amazon (Erin O’Rourke)
  • Chapter 10. The many Spanishes of an Andean-Amazonian crossroads (Nicholas Q. Emlen)
  • Epilogue. Insights for contact linguistics and future investigations of Spanish in the Amazon region (Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo and Stephen Fafulas)